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The Thunderjacks!

Loggers' sports evolved out of North America's foundation economies, logging! In an effort to show off who had the best skills, loggers' sports began. UBC Loggers' Sports is a great place to try this heritage sport and offers both a recreational and competitive experience,



UBC Loggers' Sports has a competitive team: the Thunderjacks!! In addition to being badass, the Thunderjacks competitively train to combine efficiency, technique and speed in the use of hand saws, chain saws and axes.


Competing across the land!...

Competitions involve Canadian and American universities and college loggers' sports teams. The Thunderjacks have travelled to Montana, Idaho, Alberta and California to compete against other colleges and universities!

Events we practice and teach include:
Underhand chop, vertical chop, double buck, single buck, axe throw, obstacle pole, choker race & stock saw and pole climbing. All practices are supervised by an approved club executive member.

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Ready to kickass!? Here's how...

Practice Times:


 Monday  3-5 pm

Thursday 3-5 pm

 Saturdays 11- 1 pm.


It's pretty relaxed so drop by any chance you get. Become a member ($20 for students, $50 for non-students), or if you are unsure, try it once for $5 drop in fee. Waivers need to be signed at the start of practice.


Located at the UBC farm. walk past the gardens as indicated on the map to the right.


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