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Great Canadian Classic

January 27, 2018

Ever wanted to watch loggers' sports live?! UBC Loggers' Sports is thrilled to host their third annual International collegiate competition! Come on out and cheer your Thunderjacks take on schools that have traveled from as far as Alberta, Montana, Idaho and Washington. The Timberdome will be bumping with great lumberjack entertainment!

Introduction to Loggersports!

September 23. 2017

Want to channel your inner Thor?? Or just release that pre-assignment anxiety with some light axe throwing!?? Well now is your chance. Your UBC Loggers' Sports experts will be demonstrating sage and effective ways at throwing an axe at a target. 


The excitement doesn't stop as we will also demonstrate how to use a saw Jack and Jill style. (two people quickly sawing through a log). 


You'll surprise yourself, then you will be subsumed with your new found power and join as a full-time member!!! 


Weekly Practice Days

Monday 3pm-5pm
Thursday 3pm-5pm 
Saturdays 11am-1pm

Come out for out weekly training days.... can't make to every practice?? No problem, come when you can and we will still work on you being the best lumberjack/jill you could be.​

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