Support from Partners

Be Part of the Game

Team Partner

When you decide to be a Team Partner, you are not only helping UBC Loggers' Sports, you’re also benefiting your company or organization. Increase visibility and awareness for your own brand by becoming an official partner. Communicate your marketing message to a wider audience and heighten your businesses’ reach while helping out your community.

Class Partner

Partnering is a great way of helping out while simultaneously benefiting your organization. Are you ready to be a Class Partner? Many organizations do this and are pleased with the extra attention that their business or organization gain. If you have the will to help, there are many ways to become a Partner at UBC Loggers' Sports!

Facility Partner

There are many ways to help out at UBC Loggers' Sports through partnerships. We are flexible with our partners and help them find an option that works for their budget and their time. If you’d like to be a Facility Partner, get in touch today at ubcloggersports and find out how you can help!​

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